About FreezPak Logistics

For over 50 years Saoud Enterprises, owners and operators of FreezPak, has faithfully and proudly serving the food industry. As a family business, our approach to relationships is different. Highly personal and professional, we built our business on the longstanding trust of our customers for more than a half-century.

FreezPak logistics is one of the leading full-service cold and dry storage in the United States focused completely on delivering your products to market efficiently with market-leading quality.  Our proximity to ports and major highways makes our service efficient and easy. With 10 million cubic feet, FreezPak Logistics’s facilities include the newest state of the art, near-port building in Carteret, NJ and our Paterson NJ, are both only minutes away from the largest port on the eastern seaboard and major highways.

FreezPak is online 24-hours a day with backup generators to guarantee product integrity. Our refrigerated docks ensures your products’ quality by properly maintaining temperature during the inbound/outbound process.